Back-up systems

Some activities require an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). A temporary or prolonged power cut can result in damages, heavy financial losses or even can be dangerous for security.
This is specifically the case for industries involving in health, data processing in and security activities such as hospitals, data centers and telecommunications. A prolonged power outage would make their systems non functional.

For these industries, electric power systems have to be protected and a back-up generator answering Tier norms improve the reliability of the installation.

PEM fuel cell systems can be used to substitute the power grid, ensuring the continuity of the power supply. They guarantee back-up energy, ensure a long battery life and remain reliable at start-up.

Advantages of hybrid systems

  • Quick start at full power
  • Long operating range
  • Low operating temperature
  • Low maintenance

Hybrid solutions

Hybrid systems for back-up

H2SYS offers customizable solutions to secure low power power supplies (<15kW).