Events and construction sites

H2SYS hydrogen powered electric generators operate silently without polluting gas. They are specifically designed to be used in city areas, for construction sites or events in order to reduce troubles for residents.

Our generators are made with a PEM fuel cell system, that converts hydrogen into electricity, and battery pack to respond instantly to power variations. Thanks to the converters, output voltage is smoothed and suits to the needs of IT devices.

Examples of use :

  • Events: power sport event or music festival
  • Construction sites: subsitute engine generator and temporary electricity boxes
  • Maintenance activities: provide clean and mobile source of electricty inside buildings

Advantages of hydrogen electric generators

  • No noise: hydrogen electric generator are really quiet (<40 dB)
  • Low maintenance: system is reliable under all situations
  • No pollutation: electricity is produced without polluting and harmful gas emission
  • Quick-start: instant start-up thanks to a hybrid technology
  • Smoothed voltage: protection of sensitive equipment
  • Indoor use: a mobile electric source that can be used in cellars, tunnels and warehouses

Hydrogen powered generator

Electric generators

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