Electric generator

Hydrogen powered generator

Clean energy from a silent fuel cell generator

  • Available power range : 1 kW – 3 kW – 5 kW – 8 kW
  • Technology PEM low temperature
  • Generator equiped with a battery pack
  • Smoothed voltage
  • Quick-start
  • Safe: embedded H2 security devices
Products features

Electric generator: Max. power 5kW

Optional features

H2 pressure reducer and quick coupling

Pressure reducer, suitable with your hydrogen tank, working pressure 0-15 bar, provided with quick coupling system to the generator.

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Hydrogen tank

Lightweight hydrogen cylinder with 20 liters capacity. Filling pressure 200 bar.

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For your events, projects and construction sites, H2SYS can provide a specific service of rental to test our hydrogen powered generators.

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Since 2016, H2SYS designs and develops electric generetors powered with hydrogen. Those products have been operated every year inside the Hannover Messe. They are a reliable, silent and non-polluting alternative to engine gensets especially in urban areas.

H2 electric generators are available in portable version to power up to 8 kW.
This innovation respond to many constraints of every day life with a limited impact on surrounding areas:

• In city centers, generators can be used near shops. They don’t release any unpleasant odour.

• Close to residential buildings they don’t disturb people living in residential areas. H2 powered generators are extremely quiet.

• In times of peak of pollution they can be still used and do not contribute to intensify urban pollution.

Case Study : sport event powered with hydrogen genset (soon)