Complete H2 solutions

From supplier selection to design hydrogen solution

Hydrogen solution

A dedicated support for your hydrogen projects

  • A dedicated team with design and engineering department
  • Custom-made solution
  • Specific training to operate independently
  • Solution tested on specific hydrogen test benches before installation
  • Stationnary and mobility projects
Our projects and achievements (soon)

H2SYS expertise

H2SYS team is composed of scientific and technical experts in the field of hydrogen energy. Our core business lies in the implementation of hydrogen fuel cell systems and we benefit from the feedback of 15 years of experience on mobility (vehicle) and stationary projects.

To assist you in the realization of your projects, we help you in the choice of the entire hydrogen system. We select reliable, proven products and adapt them to your application’s needs.

Our design office assists you in developing an industrial solution, throughout the project.