Electric Storage Systems

H2SYS technology integrates electrical storage system to answer efficiently and instantaneously to fast load transients.

Fuel Cells

Backbone of our solutions, fuel cell systems convert hydrogen to extend autonomy and guarantee an efficient off-grid power supply that is silent and CO2 free.

Hybrid Systems

Making the best use of technologies while controlling them with smart embedded algorithms, comes to better efficiency and longer lifespan while reducing the costs of operations and maintenance.

H2SYS design and develop hybrid systems that produce electricity and heat from hydrogen. H2SYS manufacture systems and cooperates with original equipment manufacturer to develop innovative solutions towards new energy mindset.

These multi-source modules can be integrated into stationary or mobile power systems. Their design and sizing is customized according to the energy requirements for power up to 10 kW.

This approach enables the development of reliable, optimized, clean and silent solutions. H2SYS solutions replace fossil based energy system and extend autonomy and battery life while reducing the charging time.

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Information – covid 19

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic situation worldwide and following the French government and OMS recommendations, specific measures have been taken…

  • “H2SYS develops innovative hydrogen solutions helping to create a sustainable future.”

    Sébastien Faivre Engineer – Project Manager -