Hybrid systems

What does hybrid system means ?

Hybridization in the energy sector means to associate two energy sources.

This concept taken from biology, allows engineers and scientists to reconsider energy based problems, by combining cutting edge technologies to answer several criterion such as, CO2-emissions and fuel consumption reduction, systems compactness, increased comfort at limited price.

When the energy need is described in a duty-cycle, (the power versus the time) optimal computation to size energy sources can be carried out to fulfil the demand while taking care of other parameters like efficiency, performance, lifetime, and total cost of ownership.

Depending on the project, budget and application, each of the above criteria will be taken into account with a different influence.

Behind the hybridization itself lies another important challenge which is the energy management. Indeed, it is necessary to control the energy flow of each source and to apply an optimal control strategy for the overall system to reach the defined objectives in the considered application.