Hydrogen mobility

Hydrogen technology is now considered as one of the key solutions for a sustainable energy transition. The growing number of hydrogen stations and the rise of vehicles incorporating a fuel cell system attest to the key role of hydrogen technology for next years.

H2SYS supports manufacturers in their mobility project and helps them to design their future solutions integrating a complete hydrogen system. The fuel cell can be coupled to batteries to serve as a range extender. That considerably increases the autonomy of the battery by performing a continuous recharge thereof with a buffer reserve of hydrogen.

Examples of uses:

H2SYS can help you to integrate its fuel cell systems inside applications with low power requirements :

  • Quadricycles & small urban vehicles
  • Karts / Quads
  • Scooter …

Advantages of H2SYS fuel cells systems

  • No noise emission thanks to fuel cells
  • No pollution: fuel cells produces only water and heat
  • Extended autonomy compared to batteries technlogy
  • Air-cooled system easy to use and implement
  • Serial CanBUS port
  • Reliable and proven technology

Fuel cell systems

PEM fuel cells

A full range of industrial fuel cells systems.