Hydrogen put forward during Energy for Smart Mobility forum

27 February 2019

During the second international forum Energy for Smart Mobility which will be held in Marseille on March 14th/15th, hydrogen will be put forward by a specific prize dedicated to innovative solutions.

For this purpose, H2SYS has been invited to present its concept of “0 emission” electric genset powered by hydrogen and also to present its know-how about hydrogen fuel cell systems.

H2SYS invents the hydrogen genset

H2SYS is a french innovative company developing fuel cell systems – air cell product range–  and hydrogen powered gensets. Fuel cell generator range.

These gensets are an alternative solution that is reliable and emission free compare to others motorized solutions. In fact, fuel cell generator designed by H2SYS using hydrogen allow a noiseless production of electricity without emitting C02 emission.

BOXHY solution, presented for the startups challenge during this international forum will powered events throughout the year 2019.

Energy for smart mobility, a forum dedicated to sustainable solution for mobility


During this international forum, conferences linked to sustainable development will be held as “Decarbonised mobility : what are the challenges ahead for energy and transport industries?”. Simultaneously, innovative companies will present their innovations in a dedicated space in the innovation forum and also their concept during a 6 minutes pitch with questions and answers.

At the end of the forum, the organizers will awarded several prices:

  • On-board and vehicle-related solution
  • Infrastructure solution and energy management
  • Hydrogen solution
  • The jury’s favorite prize

More information:

On site contact: Sebastien Faivre, CEO of H2SYS in the « Partners» area in Phar’Club, 1st  floor of Palais du Pharo.  

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