Hybrid technologies : 1+1 =1

Merging multiple technologies allows to meet the new energy challenge of the 21st century. The hybridization requires a thorough understanding of technologies and their operation within a complex system.

Design, development and assembly of these solutions is the core business of H2SYS.

Electric power sizing

For a successful electrical power sizing, it is necessary to find the best compromise between electrical power and energy storage which would be possible thanks to the future operating conditions of the system.

H2SYS team makes a complete review of customer’s energy needs and duty-cycle. We also forecast the possible ways of use with modelling and data recording on the field, concatenate data and perform complex calculation to achieve an efficient and powerful sizing.

Energy management

The aims of energy management is to match energy production and electric demand while reducing energy consumption to minimize costs as well as enhancing performance and reliability.

H2SYS algorithms to optimize power flows in accordance to answer the real time consumption of the system and to inhibit the wear and tear over time.