PEM fuel cell systems

Hydrogen fuel cell range

OEM fuel cell systems, tested and CE certified, ready to use.

  • Available in 4 power versions : 500 W – 1000 W  – 3000 W nominal power
  • Technology: low temperature PEM
  • Pulsed air
  • Self-powered system
  • Communication throw CANBUS
  • High efficiency ( < 66g H2/kWh electric)
  • Design under CE norms (stationnary, portable, mobility)
Product features

Fuel cell system: “1000 ACS ” – Nominal power 1000W

Optional features

Monitoring software

.Exe soft developped with Labview to monitor the system and collect running data. Specific control interface via BusCAN.

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Communication via ModBUS

Collection of system operating information via ModBUS communication protocol.

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Fuel Cell Voltage Monitoring card (FCVM) to collect cells voltage and check good operating conditions.

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H2SYS fuel cell systems are developed by an expert team with more than 15  years of expertise in the field of hydrogen energy.

A fuel cell stack needs to be integrated into a complete system including solenoid valves, cooling circuit, temperature and pressure sensors, electronic converters and control system … to be run. H2SYS has selected carefully the components of the system, to develop a safe and reliable system and has designed and patented the control system to keep a long lifetime and high efficiency.

We offer a complete hydrogen fuel cell system, plug and play, ready to use.

The ACS  range(Air Cooled System) can be used for mobility projects (integration of the fuel cell inside a vehicle), for hydrogen powered generator (integration with batteries and converters), for stationnary application (use with an electrolyzer) and suits requirement for research project.

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